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If you have ANY questions or want to get in contact with us about any of the services below…feel free to call us at 918-815-5948! We will be more than happy to speak with you in depth about any of our available services.

Landscape Maintenance

Set your house apart from the rest of the houses on the block, update your landscaping and you will definitely be turning heads in your community!

Monthly Maintenance plans available to include:

  • Flowerbed weed removal
  • Shrub trimming
  • Debris and trash removal

Flowerbed Construction

Nothing does more for curb appeal than a great looking flowerbed. We can update what you have to make it more modern, or start from scratch and make it exactly how you want it!

Retaining Walls

One of the more overlooked additions to landscaping, retaining walls. These both serve a purpose and look great!

Paver Installation

Tired of walking in the mud when it rains? Want to a cool new addition to your yard? Pavers are a very nice way to add some much needed curb appeal to your residence.

Decorative Ponds & Water Features

Whether its a small pond, medium pond, or a pond that will take up your entire yard we can get it done for you! Everything remains hidden except what you want to see, so there are no ugly lines or hoses visible. We can also do other water features such as fountains.

Decorative Gravel Installation

This is a great way to really bring out the different colors in your flower beds or the colors of your home. Adding decorative gravel can really make your home have the WOW factor!

Sod Installation

There’s no doubt we all want the perfect looking grass! If you’re wanting the best looking yard in the neighborhood, sod could get you there!

Service Questions?

If you have any questions about our services or about services you need that are not listed simply get in contact with us and we can talk with you further! We can also set up to have on site quotes done upon request.